Diamond handicraft is a store house of Nepalese antique and precious statue. Diamond handicraft manufactures all types of statue as per the customer's wish and design. This is the only full stop for the statue where you can have their design and statue as per their desire. We have been able to export our product to United State, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, China, India and many more countries.

Diamond handicraft is a wholesaler and exporter of high quality Nepali Statues. This organization is itself a retailer, wholesaler, exporter and manufacturer of Nepali art and works on statue. It deliver best product with cheapest price among other competitive manufacturer for the same quality of handmade metal work.

Although we are limited in resources and are of small family, we are happy that we are being able to satisfy our customer with timely delivery of their desired product with good comments and feedback. We always appreciate our valued customer's advice and comment. We are proud to our customer for giving us consistent and timely feedback for our growth.